About Zhao Zeming

Just Call him, ‘Zhao.’

For the past five years, Zhao Zeming has called Portland, Oregon his home but Zhao’s life as a painter really  is humble about his roots, reaching back over 60 years, this experienced painter, artist & calligraphist is highly sought after throughout the world. Few people have the number of accolades as Zhao to say they have worked in so many countries and cities around the world. Zhao, has successfully earned his living by painting. From large wall murals to intimate illustrations on a personal wall hanging – he has been committed to putting his energy and spirit into each piece.

“I started in my home country of China, by creating calligraphy over the doorway of homes. I wrote words like: long life, clarity, joy, happiness and other words. It was very popular and still is! I began getting offers from abroad to do the same, that’s how it all began. I was a teenager and eager to see the world; to spread my wings, to explore. I learned I could operate my own artistic business by painting in open markets, festivals, fairs, shopping malls, on street corners, in parks, sometimes I even got featured in art galleries where they showed my collection. It’s funny, people seem to like me and I like them too. I’m social. I paint because I love it and it’s socially interactive, I am nearly 70 years old and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I enjoy it.” -Zhao Zeming

Where Can You See His Artwork?

Nearly from the first week he arrived in Portland, Oregon Zhao began working Portland Saturday Market, this really stemmed from him learning that he loves to interact with the people of the town and an open market was a great way to do that (and) make contacts. The market, is just one place you can find him. (see times/dates bottom of page)

Zhao’s big smile is inviting, his mood-chipper and he wears a trade mark black suit with dress shirt – looking very stylish and dapper for a man nearing 70. Often seen wearing micro ear buds while painting, he escapes into another world to paints what he dreams and audiences are the benefactors for his visions. For five years, His work has been featured in magazine, television spots and newspapers not to mention uploads to Youtube like the clip below.

BELOW: Zhao’s artwork creations are popular gifts for birthdays, graduation, get-well cards or anywhere colorful cheer is desirable. Guests watch transfixed, as Zhao’s natural skill level dazzles them. Even his paint brushes are made by him. Everyone says he makes it look so easy – yet, it is obvious that this craftsman has invested a lifetime to reach this skill level.

Event Bookings & Commissioned Works:

Appearing at: Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon
Tuesday – Friday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Appearing at: Portland Saturday Market
Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Mr. Zeming is available for commissioned works such as wall murals, framed art, book covers, T-shirt design and other general piece work. He enjoys working as visual entertainer at company picnics,  corporate events, grand- openings, fund-raisers and especially birthday parties! Adults and children know his work best from his ability to turn their name into custom artwork. For larger groups, he will create artwork out of the first letter of the person’s name.

To learn more, contact his Booking Agent: